Couromoda Exporter

The Program conveys information and pushes business between exhibitors and buyers worldwide

Over more than four decades of work dedicated to the footwear industry, COUROMODA has always invested in actions to promote Brazilian footwear on the international market.

Attentive to the market changes, the fair has been perfecting at each edition the COUROMODA EXPORTER, a support program for exhibitors who export and for importers interested in buying the best of Made in Brazil. Through the Program several actions take place at the fair and throughout the year with the aim of bringing foreign buyers and the Brazilian industries with experience and structure necessary to serve customers anywhere in the world and to promote and attract international buyers to the fair .

Know what Couromoda is to doing to enhance the visit of international buyers and generate business and information throughout the year.


For the 2017 edition, the management of Couromoda featured in the same space all EXPORTER services, Group Exporter, Importers Lounge and the Exporter Showcase to facilitate the work of international buyers and exporting companies. This change aims to increase and further promote the interaction between international buyers and exporting brands.

The Group Couromoda Exporter 
Taking advantage of the positive moment for the exports of footwear and accessories, in the 2017 edition, the Exporter Group that concentrates the export-oriented booths featured an even larger space (437m²) with more companies. It was  also revamped with  a new look adding colors that represent Brazil.

Importers Lounge 
The special spot where the importers found their own space to work, have their meetings or even relax.

Couromoda Exporter Showcase
Special area for the promotion of products and exporting brands. An added opportunity to connect importers to the best of Brazilian fashion.

Couromoda Exporter Catalogo
Material aimed at international visitors seeking new suppliers in Brazil, indispensable consultation source that publishes the companies participating in the Couromoda Exporter program.



Participation in international fairs
In order to promote and attract international buyers from around the world to their fair in January, Couromoda is present in the major international industry fairs with a collective booth and promotional partnerships: MICAM, Expo Riva Schuh and GDS that are held  in Italy and in Germany.

Buyers International Program
Couromoda also takes actions to increase visits of international buyers during the fair.
The project started in 2015 with 75 participants who had their hosting subsidized by Couromoda. In 2017 we had 300 buyers that came from Europe, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. The idea is to continue increasing these figures at the next editions.
Here you’ll see how to participate:

The international media
The fair is also promoted in the major international trade media: Magazine Photo Shoe, Serma and ARS Sutoria; Portal Fashion Mag and CueroAmerica, among others.

The portal
During the 365 days of the year, importers will find in the portal of the fair, all the information of the exporting companies with contacts, photos and descriptions of products. All to stimulate and facilitate the contact between Brazilian companies and international buyers.


How to participate in Couromoda Exporter

To be able to participate in the Program  the companies of footwear, leather goods and accessories must meet certain requirements:

• They should already be exporting.

• They should have exported in the last 12 months to at least four different countries.

• They should inform data that will be part of the register of the program, on products, price ranges, list of distributors and / or international representatives, etc.

• Keep updated the information with the Couromoda Head Office.

• To be an exhibitor at the fair Couromoda.
Joining the program is free. If you are an exhibitor at Couromoda and do not  yet participate or want to update your contact information in the Couromoda Exporter Program, visit the Exhibitor area or contact us at: or (5511) 3897-6100