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Boliva's GDP has grown more than 100% in 10 years and continues to grow

The COUROMODA portal continues to publish a series of reports revealing a little more about each of the 20 countries that make up Latin America, a market that will be the focus of the next edition of the Brazilian fair, which takes place from January 22 to 24, 2024, in São Paulo. In alphabetical order, BOLIVIA is the country on the agenda in this stage of the roadmap for special articles, which began in May with Argentina.

Bolivia is a country located in the central part of South America, with no way out and with varied relief, which includes the Andes mountain range, the Atacama desert and the rainforest of the Amazon river basin. At an altitude of over 3,500 m, its administrative capital, La Paz, is located in the Andean highlands.

From 2006 to 2019, Bolivia's GDP grows 5% per year on average, resulting in one of the best economic performances of this century. After a political and institutional crisis in 2019, the economy reacted again and resumed its pace in 2021. The country's GDP rose from US$19.65 billion in 2010 to US$40.41 billion in 2021, an increase more than 100 in a decade. And this performance was also reflected in the reduction of inequalities in the Andean country.

The metropolitan regions of La Paz, Santa Cruz de La Sierra and Cochabamba have more than 5.5 million inhabitants, which represents almost half of the country's total population, estimated at 12 million people.

In terms of footwear, Bolivia imported items worth US$43.80 million, with Brazil, China, Peru, Argentina, the United States and Chile being its main suppliers in this category. The data are from 2021, prepared by NANDINA - Common Customs Nomenclature of the member countries of the Cartagena Agreement (Andean Community).

There is an import tax on footwear entering Bolivia. The rate is 35% on the value of the pair, regardless of the country of origin.

Couromoda Latin America will have the traditional Brazilian exhibitors and will also add footwear, handbags, accessories and clothing brands from other countries to its portfolio, especially from Latin America, Europe and Asia. São Paulo, the main logistics and hotel hub on the Latin American continent, will be the stage for COUROMODA Latin America. The region's GDP, made up of 20 countries, exceeds BRL 25 TRILLION, with an estimated population of 569 million people.

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