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COUROMODA Latin America: ARGENTINA, a market of more than 45 million consumers

The COUROMODA portal starts publishing, as of today, in alphabetical order, a series of reports outlining the profile of each of the 20 countries that make up Latin America, a market that will be the focus of the next edition of the traditional Brazilian show, which takes place from January 22 to 24, 2024, in São Paulo. And Argentina is the country that started this itinerary of special articles.

With a population of over 45 million people and a GDP of around 388 billion dollars (2020 figures), Argentina is one of the most important countries in Latin America and a huge market for footwear.

According to the report "Footwear in the World - Statistical Panorama 2021", produced by APICCAPS - Portuguese Association of Footwear, Components and Leather Goods Manufacturers and Substitutes, one of the most complete sectoral surveys on the planet, Argentina buys 22 million pairs of shoes, allocating USD 256 million for this, which represents an average price of USD 11.47 per pair.

The country is one of the largest on the continent and has 2.78 million square kilometers, with the city of Buenos Aires as its capital. The most populous cities in the country are Buenos Aires (3.06 million inhabitants), Córdoba (1.62 million inhabitants) and Rosario (1.35 million inhabitants).

Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Rosario have more than 6 million inhabitants and are the most important Argentine cities

The main shoe suppliers in Argentina are Vietnam (6.3 million pairs x 82 million dollars), Brazil (8.0 million pairs x 77 million dollars), Indonesia (5.1 million pairs x 49 million dollars), China (1.73 million pairs x 29 million dollars) and Cambodia (0.5 million pairs x 7 million dollars), in that order. Over the past five years, Cambodia and Indonesia have been the fastest growing suppliers, up 391% and 11% respectively.

The main sector entities in Argentina are CAIPIC - Argentine Chamber of Footwear Industry Suppliers and CIC - Footwear Industry Chamber.

Also according to the report "Footwear in the World - Statistical Panorama 2021", produced by APICCAPS, the Argentine footwear industry was particularly affected by low consumption during the pandemic, causing a drop in national production. Official statistics indicate that imports have also fallen sharply in 2020.

Among the Mercosur countries (Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay - Venezuela is temporarily suspended), there is no import tax for footwear. For other countries, the rate is 35% on the value of the pair, regardless of the country of origin. Specifically on Chinese products, Argentina charges an anti-dumping fee of US$ 15.70 per pair as the minimum price. If the value of the imported pair is less than 15.70, a fee will be charged in the amount of the difference until reaching the referred value. If the value of the pair exceeds US$ 15.70, there is no anti-dumping fee.

Couromoda Latin America will have the traditional Brazilian exhibitors and will also add footwear, handbags, accessories and clothing brands from other countries to its portfolio, especially from Latin America, Europe and Asia. São Paulo, the main logistics and hotel hub on the Latin American continent, will be the stage for COUROMODA Latin America. The region's GDP, made up of 20 countries, exceeds $ 5 TRILLION, with an estimated population of 569 million people.

Couromoda Latin America 2024 focuses on a $ 5 TRILLION market